The boom, the motion and the music

by the jazz june

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The sophomore effort from Pennsylvania's Jazz June is solid continuation of their noisy emo styling that's less poppy than their debut, but still a solid record. Meshing Get Up Kids-style choruses with syncopated rhythms and plenty of ringing high register notes, the quintet put some real emotion into this six-track disc, and the results are a little more appealing than the typical emo fare. All of the tracks are pretty lengthy, but the group throws in enough changes and triumphant sounding moments to keep things from lagging too far behind. Singer Andrew Low has a great voice for the style; switching fluidly from pleasurable song to hearty screams on tracks like "Bullets in the Backpocket," and remaining completely believable during both styles. Jazz June's method of attack is pretty simple and formulaic: tight musical passages build up to unrestrained eruptions of noise and feeling, but they do it in a way that isn't all that contrived or whiney and it actually works. The epic grinding finale of "His Statue Falls" clocks in at over eight minutes, but they manage to keep it pretty interesting all the way through, which deserves a bit of credit. Jazz June are definitely an emo band, but Boom the Motion the Music is a pretty rousing record for the genre, and it proves that some bands can elevate themselves slightly above the confines of the label and make a rewarding product.

Review by by Peter J. D'Angelo (circa 2000)


released March 3, 2013

Recorded in 1998 at WGNS in Washington, DC with Geoff Turner.



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