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The Medicine

by the jazz june

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released September 25, 2014



all rights reserved


the jazz june Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

new LP out now on Topshelf records.

tweeting about life's randomisms @thejazzjune

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Track Name: Viva la Speed Metal
The marbles rolled off the table / and made a crack in the glass /
we all thought there was nothing inside the sphere / as antiquated as it may seem / what goes around comes around / and entertains what we’ve thought in the past / in his fingertips is something like a shining star / and when you pick up the pieces, well, all you’ll find is what’s left / something outshined in the guise of coincidence / is it for sure? / who’s really sure of anything? / so let’s dance in ideas / and make nothing seem impossible / because who wants to know all the answers when we can sing and it’s enough / because when you pick up the pieces, all you’ll find is what’s left
Track Name: Scars To Prove It
Maybe you wanted to break and bend / maybe you wanted the knot right out of your chest / you’ve got the scars to prove it / maybe it’s
all that you have left / maybe its all that you needed / it doesn’t make
a difference because it’s all that you’re gonna get / take a look at the face in the mirror / maybe its all that you have left / it takes time / and what you’re gunna find out / the things we love the most are the things we take for granted / and what you’ll find / and what you hear
/ inside the purest thought / and what you might find out and see / the rest is all just talk
Track Name: Excerpt
Drank too much / thursday night at sundown / can’t drink enough / to make the world look right / so i put it down / sunday night at sun down / damn i hope i don’t end up like the jerk next door / excuse me sir / would you like to sit down with me? / we’ll watch the tide roll by / and we’ll watch it spit out sentences / we’ll try to figure out why they’re all so full of shit
Track Name: Phone Works Both Ways
Turn out the lights / the rings an instant answer / blacken the lights / on all the easy lies / i’m writing a letter that i hope you won’t get until its over / i don’t want to fight / but your arguments are shooting arrows/ the phone works both ways / let’s just pretend that we knew this all along / and when you were gone that you’ll still find me
Track Name: The Medicine
Speaking the world’s worth of insignificance / i guess i should have left left-alone unsaid / cause its been cold / cold as forever / on this forever afternoon / when a pin drop is already too loud / charcoal has erased the ceiling / i guess the burn has settled somewhere past the city / lights they burn in fever yellows / i guess i should’ve left the questions left unsaid / the medicine’s a simple answer to rely on / so i fucked up but i’m getting on with my life / it feels like there’s a point to everything / the summer holds the nails to kill the questions / when i’m beating paper with ink
Track Name: At The Artist's Leisure Part 2
She has a way of sitting in cold puddles / a reach away from hanging on / a breeze slips between the cracks / and she
takes a nice warm sip / the frosty drops of cold vanilla / rolling softly down her lungs / the wind slips beneath the reaches of the bold and blinding days / the wind that knocks you off your feet / you don’t go to sleep at night / you lay there with your eyes peeled and wide to the ceiling / opening her eyes to the
old man in florence / he walks between the scene and makes
a path all his own / at a glance it might seem ordinary without the colors / but he holds a moment filled and floating in her eyes / its enough to see the canvas between the border / to ease the embers in the eyes / you don’t go to sleep at night / you lay there with your eyes peeled and wide to the ceiling
Track Name: Motorhead's Roadie
You’ve got the scars to prove it / you’ve got the means to make
the moves / and when you’re up on stage and it feels like you’re
on fire c’mon, c’mon / let’s get this rig rolling / no time to second guess/ the plans are made / the date is set / so pull the pin and
go, go, go / the sea’s in front of you, its black and blue and ready to part / the leaves are blowing, rain is coming and its ready to start / the wind is angry, cold and biting, clouds are creeping up slow on the horizon / the sand is burnt behind so dig a ditch to hide from the light / the swells are toppling, white tips are poking holes in the sky / crouched and ready, fists are closed and set to break for the action; live for the action / the heart the soul and mind are anchored to spit at the tide / my lady lives by the e train / she’s got one hell of an ear / she puts that foot down and spins around / and moves, moves, moves (x2) / broke down and stuck
at the station / pockets are white and clear / the dues are paid the signals sent / so move, move, move (x2)
Track Name: Death From Above
The kids are asleep / as the world declines to agree / and draw its guns at point blank range / their sleeping heads are filled with dreams / that will never come / that will never live / lying to ourselves / that we can’t still believe / in questions and answers that don’t come with exceptions / of the truth and blinding hope
/ the size of a small fist / grabbing for things to high still to reach / the sun digs its fingers into the wavy sand / and steals the heat as it rises and declines, rises and declines
Track Name: Fight Like Sinatra
Answer the question: is it easy? / to come down and wipe the grease right from your eyes / downed buildings spit a splitting smile off the gleam on your teeth / knees bent at angles; is it easy? / to come down from upside down / my bottoms broken / can i push off your hand? / saw your smile dying / get what you can / before its over / look it right between the eyes / and face the day in a new light
Track Name: Get On The Bus
A great way of making bad impressions / and honestly i have no idea how long it will take to get your head together / take to get your thoughts together / this is a little something more / than what you bargained for / so let’s shake hands and drink this night to tears / we can contemplate tomorrow, but for now we have this glass / those thoughts will come tomorrow / but who says we don’t already have the answers / so get on the bus
Track Name: Balance
The proper understanding / of the situation / that’s been called upon / there are two equal pieces / dictated by the grains of
sand / watch the scales tip / and they fall like water / the cycle spins around the nail in the middle to stay afloat / the center holds the weight and seems to fit / life spins in the middle / set the other side on digging heals / somewhere in the middle / the center of focus / disguised in each direction / as tunnel visions spear to the right and left / weights in motion are equally fixed at both ends / while the sound leaps in waves around the middle
/ tied tight to the nail of all things falling apart / pinned between the equals of today and yesterday / running out of all sides and returning to the center / where it should be